Security Guard Roles and Responsibilities

A security guard plays a very important role during any event, small or big, for the safety of the public, and to close the event without any disturbance. Even in the residential areas, a security guard is a compulsion as it will be very easy for criminals to strike. It can pull the plug on vandalism as well. Following are few fundamentals for a security guard to adapt.

Be visible: The crucial rule of any security guard is to be visible. Either for a habitue or a
shopper or a visitor, being visible makes them feel safe during any inconvenience caused, and
out   the perpetrators.

Greet the visitors: A security guard is the first person to receive a visitor. Apart from
checking a visitor, a security guard should welcome her/him by greeting and with a warm smile.
This not just makes them feel welcoming, but also a great ethic to be cultivated.

Be aware of the vicinity: Whatsoever the area is at the site, it is one of the key factors for
a guard to be aware of the map of the site. This helps them to be vigilant at any emergency
situation and can guide a visitor on enquiry.

Rapid response: To act quickly is what a security guard should be mastered. A quick-witted
guard can avoid further damage that causes during any disaster; he/she should be able to know
the quick measures to be taken.

Perceive the surroundings: It is imperative to not relax even after everything is settled
and looks like there could be no possible danger. Observing and reporting every fine strange
detail to the superior is very vital for the reassurance.

Get help when needed: In some situations, the security guard might not be able to handle
alone. In such cases, he/she must not delay in getting help. One must not waste time and call
the police to avoid any danger or loss of the property.

06 March 2020