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It is also known as Video surveillance. It is used as video camera to transmit signals to a Monitor or Specific place

It is used for Surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, stores, offices, manufacturing areas, residential complexes, airports, etc

It helps in monitoring the interior or exterior of a property – helps in deter criminal activity, gives a increase sense of security and safety which will give peace of mind.

The technology behind CCTV monitoring is easy to understand , simple to use, and cost effective to maintain .

Types of CCTV camera – there are many types of CCTV cameras namely

-Dome camera

-Bullet camera

-C Mount camera

-Day / Night camera

-PTZ camera……

A full CCTV camera system can include:

-Security Cameras (Analog or Digital Camera)

-Cables (RJ45 or RJ59 Cables)

-Video recorders (DVR or NVR)

-Storage unit – typically Hard disk

-A display unit (Optional, such as a Monitor)

How Analog CCTV Camera works:

Analog CCTV camera captures images, and transmit continuous video signal for which the time varying feature (variable) of the signal is a representation of some other time varying quantity, i.e., analogous to another time varying signal.

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) keeps all these analog signal, digitalize it, and keep the record in the HDD

How IP CCTV camera works:

Unlike analog CCTV Camera, IP CCTV Camera digitalizes the video signal at the camera level. The digital signal is a discrete representation of the analog waveform, which you can imagine those are very small discrete steps as the signal tries to approximate values.

Then the Network Video Recorder (NVR) keeps these digital signal, keep the record in the HDD

Tips to consider while purchasing CCTV

camera Correct lens – for clarity to provide more information , can adjust with light etc

-Correct sensor

-Correct output resolution

-Whether audio required or not

-For indoor or outdoor

-What would be the light conditions etc

06 March 2020