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Fire alarm system – Safety is Our Core Value

Fire alarm systems are very important when it comes to protecting property, personnel and stock in the event of fire

Monitored systems provide automatic transmission of a fire condition signal to a specified monitoring station or Alarm Receiving Centre. The aim is the same whether called a Monitored System, a Signalling System or an Automatic Transmission System.

It is very essential that smoke and fire detection should be quickly detected and necessary evacuation and action need to be taken as soon as possible. Because the fire spreads very fast and within minutes to hours it takes up the whole building

Remote fire alarm monitoring saves lives by enabling much faster alerts to the emergency services. When any fire is detected by the local fire alarm system a signal is transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and the local fire service alerted within 30 seconds, along with the nominated key holder

To prevent fire damage, the client needed a system that could give an early warning when it detected flames and smoke. Once that information is received it needed to be able to send the information to a controller and alarms and buzzers situated throughout the building

At Agile we provide this 24-hour remote monitoring service for the remote signalling systems we install and maintain

06 March 2020