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Fire Triangle

The fire triangle is also called as combustion triangle

It is simple model to understand the chemical reaction which occurs to create fire

The 3 elements for fire are – Fuel, Heat and Oxygen which all of them to be present to ignite a fire

The triangle also demonstrates the interdependence of these ingredients in creating and sustaining a fire and it is indication to us to remove any one of them to extinguish the fire


It is any combustible material like paper, oils, wood, plastics, rubber, gas, fabrics etc


Heat needs to be present for ignition of the fire. The heat removes moisture from near by fuel, warming the surrounding area enabling it to travel


Air is needed for the fire , atleast 16% oxygen to burn. When fuel burns it reacts with oxygen and releases heat and generate combustion


To stop fire, one of the 3 elements of fire triangle must be removed So if fire runs out of fuel , it will turn out If we can cool a fire down, it will lose heat and go out And if oxygen is removed it will suffocate and go out For example Fire blankets suppress fire by removing the oxygen Similarly fire extinguishers are developed to eliminate one of the 3 elements such as water fire extinguishers while cool the fire down and cool down Therefore , while combating fire and also prevent fire are based on these principles

06 March 2020