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Housekeeping Duties in a Hospital

Hospital housekeepers are responsible for sustaining a sterile environment in all areas of the hospital by cleaning rooms, making beds, replenishing linens and maintaining floors.

Cleaning and disinfecting in hospitals can prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Hospital housekeepers routinely clean patient rooms, nursing units, surgical areas, administrative offices, laboratory areas, waiting areas and public restrooms, as well as launder all hospital linen.

Objective of Housekeeping in Hospitals:

-General Sanitation, Cleanliness and comfortable environment

-Ensuring safety of Staff , patients, and relatives

-Quality control of equipments and cleaning agents

-Proper record keeping and feedback

Broadly the duties can be classified as:

Linen Management – Housekeeping Manage most of the linen used in hospitals like gowns, towels, beddings etc on daily basis

Hygiene – Housekeepers clean, mop and sterilize all areas of the hospitals including waiting, operating and diagnostic rooms. After every discharge of Patient, Housekeepers clean and disinfect the room.

Patients Rooms – Housekeepers keep all the patients rooms clean and ready for next admission

Housekeepers use various Chemicals, disinfectants to clean the floors, wash rooms, linen, equipment, furniture etc

Waste Disposal – Housekeepers collect waste from different kinds of rooms, operatory, clinics etc, classify as per the rules and policy of the hospital and transport the trash to respected disposal areas

The Housekeeping department in hospitals requires a Team work help in prevention and minimizing of the effect of microorganisms in the environment. Regular training of the staff is done with a training calendar in place.

06 March 2020