Agile group

Security Equipment

Security systems involve the use of various means, devices and sometimes also human force to protect individuals and property from various hazards such as fire, crime and loss.

Standard Security system equipment are:

-Control panel

-Key pad

-Alarm siren

-Key chain remote

-Panic/ Medical alert

-Yard sings & Windows signs

Security system entry detection sensors:

-Door sensor -Window sensor

-Recessed door sensor

-Motion sensor

-Glass break sensor

-Shock / vibration sensor

-Garage door

sensor Security system threat detection sensors:

-Smoke sensor

-Heat sensor

-CO2 sensor

-Freeze sensor

-Flood sensor

Security system camera:

-Indoor wireless camera

-Outdoor wireless camera

-Image sensor

Home automation equipment:

-Mobile application

-Light module -Remote / Automatic door locks

-Remote thermostat

Personal Safety system

These are intended to increase personal safety by helping individuals to avoid potentially dangerous situations and to defend themselves if being physical attacked. Examples includes personal alarms, self-defence sprays, child locators, etc. Individuals who have a high risk profile such as kidnapping, assault, assassination or other criminal offences are usually also protected by one or multiple bodyguards

06 March 2020